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29 Union Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
I am a registered debt counsellor assisting consumers for the past 11 years - all over South Africa _ to become debt free. I give personal attention to each of my clients ( no call centre or talking to someone else everytime you have a query) . I also assist those - not in need of debt review - who just need some advice as to their finances - working out budgets or strategy for paying of debts quicker. Having the assistance of an inhouse attorney as well as brokers we can tend to all your needs in saving money and paying of debts quicker. Debt is not a life sentence - I can assist you - for those having to go under debt review - remember once the process is complete and all the debt settled we assist in clearing your ITC - so Yes you will be able to make debt again (eg buying a house or vehicle etc. ) Amina Grobbelaar NCRDC2881
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Debt Counselling - DEBT REVIEW - Restructure / reduce debt repayments to the minimum, to improve cash flow. NCR registered Debt Counsellor and award winning boutique debt counselling firm. Reputable.
Largest Debt Management Company in South Africa that provides an advisory and management service in assisting its clients who are over indebted and those who are experiencing financial problems. We have been in existence for 16 years. We have a national footprint of 47 branches across South Africa with a branch in every province. We are the branch in Walmer, Port Elizabeth and we would be of assistance to the clients in the area. Credit Rescue offers a holistic Debt Rehabilitation Program, with our distribution done by a government appointed distribution agency.
Able Tracers & Debt Collectors was founded in 1965 and specializes in the collecting of unpaid debts of high and low value from individuals to commercial entities throughout the world. Based in Port Elizabeth. we offer our clients an efficient debt collection service ranging from sending letters to successfully processing legal claims through the South African Magistrates Courts, if necessary. For the last 38 years we have offered our clients a wide-range of services and constantly and innovatively challenged all obstacles and excuses offered by debtors and by doing so, adding necessary pressure to get paid. We are performance driven - working purely on a collection commission basis that is predetermined prior to the debt collection process.
Credit Rescue Newton Park is a Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) based Debt Counselling and Debt Review service provider. Credit Rescue is a registered debt counsellor and debt review company with offices throughout South Africa. Your debt problems are our business. No longer do you need to fear losing your home or your car. You can keep your hard earned assets and survive your debt trap by contacting Credit Rescue before it is too late.
Debt Counseling- legally protect your assets and pay back what you can afford towards your debt. For your debt solutions call 0861001047 / Eastern Cape
Professional debt counsellors. Registered with the National Credit Regulator.