Debt Close Debt Counsellors
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72 Alfred Nzo Street, Modimolle, South Africa
Debt Close provides debt counselling services nationally. Contact us for a free consultation. We have been helping South Africans for the past 11 years.
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Debt Counselling - DEBT REVIEW - Restructure / reduce debt repayments to the minimum, to improve cash flow. NCR registered Debt Counsellor and award winning boutique debt counselling firm. Reputable.
I am a registered debt counsellor assisting consumers for the past 11 years - all over South Africa _ to become debt free. I give personal attention to each of my clients ( no call centre or talking to someone else everytime you have a query) . I also assist those - not in need of debt review - who just need some advice as to their finances - working out budgets or strategy for paying of debts quicker. Having the assistance of an inhouse attorney as well as brokers we can tend to all your needs in saving money and paying of debts quicker. Debt is not a life sentence - I can assist you - for those having to go under debt review - remember once the process is complete and all the debt settled we assist in clearing your ITC - so Yes you will be able to make debt again (eg buying a house or vehicle etc. ) Amina Grobbelaar NCRDC2881
We offer Financial and Debt Relief to Educators: 1. Consolidate all your loans. 2. Pay only one affordable monthly installment for all your debts. 3. Protect your assets against repossession. 4. Avoid losing your Assets (House and Car) . 5. Avoid blacklisting. 6. Reduce interest rates. 7. Clear your name on ITC The main problem with over-indebtedness is the high interest rates that you are paying on your loans. We can help you reduce those high interests, which will result in lower and affordable installments. If your debts are stressing you, call us today for a free telephonic assessment with one of our specialist debt management professionals: Telephone: 0150650827 Cell 0614665727 Alt 0848138281
Dedt Councelling , Debt HELP
Alliance Debt Counsellors is a dedicated team of Debt Counsellors that strives to assist our clients in every step of the way on their path to financial stability Our team of Debt Counsellors have more than 18 years' experience in Debt Relief programs and takes a personal approach in assisting clients throughout the Debt Counselling process.
Cha group renders the following services:- labour consulting-- all aspects- disciplinary hearings- CCMA representation- drafting policies and procedures- staff placements- payroll solutions- book keeping- debt counselling.