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Founded in 2016, NPF is providing Training & Funding to Traders. Our Company's moto is: We Win when You Win. At N P Financials, clients trade live markets with us & with our Capital- earning both primary & secondary income. We help our clients to overcome the biggest obstacle of all- not having enough Capital to Trade. We develop successful Traders, capable of securing extra income stream. In search of good Traders, we are conducting Auditions. Please visit: https: / / npfinancials. com. au / npf-capital-audition / Call us at + 61 3 9790 6476 .

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Brain Thinking (Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument) is a psychometric test. Its main focus is on how people choose to think. Because it gives insights into our thinking preferences, experts in this technique refer to it as the 'Whole Brain Model. ' It does so by emphasising the diversity of distinct thinking styles and how they contribute significantly to the success of organisations and teams. We equip organisations with a framework that enables them to harness the variety of thought to achieve better results. It serves as the cornerstone for the Hermann brain dominance instrument test, which assesses individuals', teams', and organisations' thinking preferences...

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