Sydney, Australia

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Enter a realm of protection and positivity with Durga Astrology. We stand as guardians against black magic's evil forces and bad luck's negative energies. Our professional astrologers specialize in solving the dark threads that bind you, using ancient knowledge and spiritual insights to sever the grip of black magic. We aim to restore balance and harmony to your life through personalized consultations and potent remedies. At Durga Astrology, trust in our expertise to break the shackles of negativity and obstacles and guide you toward a future free from the influence of black magic and bad luck. Your journey to liberation begins with us.


Newstead, New South Wales, Australia

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Sri Murugan Astrology Centre is a leading astrology center in NSW. Australia provides comprehensive and reliable astrology services to individuals seeking guidance in their personal and professional lives. Our center is renowned for its well-versed astrologers with years of experience predicting and analyzing the various planetary positions and their impact on human life. We offer Vedic Astrology, spiritual healing, gemstone recommendation, Solution to Financial problems, and Numerology.

Astrologers, Business Services

Melbourne, Australia

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Mr. Abraham is one of the most renowned African psychics and astrologers operating in Melbourne today. Over his many years of service, he has helped countless individuals with his keen insight and ability to foresee the future. As a master teacher, Mr. Abraham has developed an array of specialized services tailored to meet the needs of all individuals regardless of their cultural backgrounds. From readings for life purpose and direction to spiritual healing and guidance, Mr. Abraham is a master of creating holistic and individually-tailored plans for those seeking answers from beyond the physical realm. He continues to serve as a beacon of spiritual understanding for many throughout Melbourne a true testament to his vast knowledge and experience in the art and science of psychic reading.