Durban South, South Africa

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Vryheid, South Africa

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Sasolburg, South Africa

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Choose your own area code. All major South African area codes available, as well as National 086 number. Work With Me agents answer your calls in your company name, then either transfer the call to you or anybody in your company, or send a message via sms or email. A copy of the message can be sent to different people in your organization, example - Sales Manager can receive a copy of each message sent to his sales force for follow up. Our technical department will create and upload your own dedicated calendar, enabling our agents (even yourself) to book appointments online as required. This can link to your Google Calendar for live updates. Every call is recorded and stored on our servers, available should you require it. Have you outgrown your home office? First impressions are vital, you do not want your calls to go unanswered, answered unprofessionally or answered by a voice recording. When you use our answering service, callers will think they have just spoken to your.

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