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Goldwagen (GW) - Head Office
22 Apr '21
I bought Brake disc front and brake pad set at Goldwagen at springsgate on the 10.04.2021 only to find out when was fitting them in my car the brake pads they gave me was wrong, because they were already closed for me to go back and return them I decided to buy brake pads to the open spares and it cost me R850 the double price I spent at Goldwagen on the 12.04.2021 I went back to return them of which was told they don't have cash, I even suggested if they can refund it back to my credit card they told me they not doing it. The guy told me to come back and mind you I stay in Vosloorus of which I spent a petrol to do that. Now I have time to go back they telling me my 7 days return policy has passed of which I feel it's not fair bcos I did go back before time and they couldn't help me, now I am stuck with wrong brake pads and have lost money as well. I even called to tell them even if u not refunding me atleast give me fan belt of which they still tell me my 7 days has passed.
Kaiross Construction
22 Apr '21
The best contractor in Capetown, very reasonable pricing and realible.
ThinkTank Creative
20 Apr '21
Awesome team with great innovative ideas. Very creative and quick turn around times.
Techmat Plumbing
19 Apr '21
I have used Techmat plumbers couple of times for plumbing work in my house in Gugulethu .Great service , good work ethics and professional . Highly recommended
Techmat Plumbing
19 Apr '21
I have used Techmat plumbers couple of times for plumbing work in my house in Gugulethu .Great service ,good work ethics and professional . Highly recommended
Legal Aid SA - Tembisa Local Office
19 Apr '21
I had the best legal service from the legal aid they have represented me twice for a protection order and divorce MSS Arthie Ruthub was my attorney on both matters I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the way she handled the matter thank you to legal aid
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